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Long-handled tongs will help flip, grab any food that needs handling while keeping your knuckles safe from the singling lick of the flame. A good spring-loaded tong, very basic, is really all you need. Yes, some have a silicone tip and handle, but why waste good money that could be spent on good food!

A non-essential, but much-appreciated tool, is the basting brush. For moist, full-flavored food, it is a must. Be it marinade, butter, or sauces, the basting brush will keep your good glossy and juicy. Keeping the brush bristles wet is key to prevent singing those fine bristles and keeping a bowl with your basting liquid handy is part of a good grilling experience.

Lastly, an essential, and we cannot be more serious about this item, is a good fire multipurpose extinguisher. Safety for you, your family, and your home is our most important ingredient. A good fire extinguisher is a small price to pay for the peace of mind. Accidents happen so quickly and can be prevented from getting out of hand easily by having a fire extinguisher close by and having it inspected by your fire hall yearly. Do not skip this item. It may ruin dinner but save your home.


Ladies and gentlemen get your grills ready, your propane tanks full, and your tools close by. This season is going to rock. From us at Bottini, we wish you an enjoyable, and delicious grilling season. Make sure to exercise proper safety protocol whenever you grill to make sure that we all have a great season.

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