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5 Quick Steps to Recover Your Lampshade

Do you know, the old lamp shade recovered miami remains can be used to recreate newer one? Do-it-yourself and give your lampshades a makeover. Listed below are few tricks and ways to transform the old lampshade into new in 5 simple steps.
Strip the frame
The foremost thing to employ is to remove the fabric. Also make sure to remove other trims and decorations glued to the frame. One can use a scalpel or a scissor as the fabric is often stuck closely to the frame and giving it a heavy thug can distort the whole lamp.
Reshape the older frame
This can be one of the most difficult part of getting an old lamp recovered. This not only requires a lot of patience but also strength to push the metal to its place. After one is successful in restoring the old frame, coat the frame using an enamel spray. Be sure to check any signs of peeling, flaking or rust. If present, there may be need to remove them carefully.
Replace the fabric
The fabric used in the lampshade is quite different in comparison to the normal fabric used in covering other furniture in the house. These fabrics are not made to suffice the heat given out by the lamp. Finding a balance between fabrics, which are both heavy and light with excellent color combination, can do wonders. Get more information about the types of fabrics by visiting the website
Covering with fabric
Cut the fabric according to the shape of the lampshade. Ensure to leave an inch or two on either side to stretch it well. Also, give it enough time to dry once the fabric is applied.
Final touch
Once the adhesive is glued, the work is almost complete. Know apply final touch to the lampshade which includes decorating it according to one’s wish. Color it, trim the fabric and glue beads to the fabric.
Now no more is the need to spend lots of money in recovering an old lampshade. Do-it-yourself and recreate the old magic once again.


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