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Anyone who believes Dal Rends to be BiS on a hunter needs to reconsider

Nobody needs bone slicing hatchet. Rogues may need Fang, but most don't. Fury warriors need warblade longer if they are not orc or human and do not have Edgemasters, but there's no guarantee they'll find the offhand. Hunter weapons are pretty easy to get at the current stage. Nonetheless, it's not like it matters that which a hunter gets in their weapon slots anyway. The dps gap between getting BiS weapons and having fine weapons to wow gold classic get a Hunter is minimal. It's more vanity than anything.

Anyone who believes Dal Rends to be BiS on a hunter needs to reconsider. The gap between that and BSHx2 is tiny, and no group in their right mind if going when a priest or priest requirements to allow a hunter roll on Rends. WOW Classic hunters should be able to roll any weapon which melee dps do not want, and nothing that melee dps do want. But guilds ought to have an alt policy so that, once you're playing with an alt, you don't get to roll anything that any principal wants. That's the only way to keep things honest.

I am not reading into this too much, probs a hiring decision by Blizz but since WOW Classic is a topic for gambling news they need a story out of it. Doubt you employ somebody for a salary to get people to write about it after. I really don't think that's what he said, more-so blizzard hired her and gaming outlets will attempt to sensationalize the hire to get clicks.

I have done exactly the same sort of server WOW Classic progression - in once the interest wanes till 4-5 expansions - From the start. It year, a fantastic year and a half prior to the urge to play comes back followed by a year and a half. TLPs attracted me to EQ, I played with Agnar to find out what came prior to wow, its a really fun game, and ive been anticipating TLPs because they declared WOW Classic.

Yeah, the thing about TLP is that the timelines for WoW are substantially different. However, it would make sense before going on to do maybe two months of cheap wow classic gold


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