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These fans are not just sending their thoughts to the void, either. Numerous men and OSRS gold  women who worked For Honor, by the neighborhood side all the way up to the creative and For Honor game directors, told Kotaku that they pore over the subreddit always. Frequently it will help them flag problems using unbalanced personalities or technical glitches premature. Other times it shows them that these For Honor games may have a real and profound effect on people's lives.


"As for what B would have thought of it, I think he would have been overjoyed," Fatmooch explained. "He appreciated the match, the notion of this all and ancient Aztec civilization immensely. He'd have loved to be honored with a Raider named after him because Raider is actually the epitome of the seemingly mythical Vikings he so much."


The nights which Fatmooch has played For Honor recently have been spent hunting for TheeLizardWizard. So far, those efforts have been in vain, but he is optimistic the bot will turn up sooner or later. Maybe the next time someone accidently disconnects from a match or anger quits after a particularly brutal execution, TheeLizardWizard will look at last.


"I am obviously incredibly grateful and excited for this tribute," Fatmooch told Kotaku. "Since he passed I've been  buy RS gold thinking of approaches to immortalize him. Going back to my own love for fantasy, I plan to base a few gods in my dream writing following him. For Honor might've beaten me to the first tribute but it won't be the final."For Honor Adding A New Faction For First Time Ever This Fall

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