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The set don't appear to include anything past the Henesys Ruins area. Many new locations and  OSRS gold monster have been included since then but are getting no cards or a place to these to be apart of. It makes the entire set idea to seem pointless if it isn't likely to be upgraded with the rest of the game.


Party bosses are aside of a set. This only bothers me somewhat because almost nobody does some of these party pursuit anymore and it makes it hard to finish a set. King Slime is apart of this Kerning City set however is a party pursuit only enemy. I would also like to point out party quests are no longer in their former places and as such don't have the some connection they use not to mention that for most of them you want to be level 70 to perform them, which will be far above the levels of the monsters in a few of the sets. I suggest either removing these cards or merely make a brand new set for party quest bosses.


I can realize the Victoria Island Friends set is easy to get but who in their right mind thought that the 5 HP would be a value while bonus. 50 HP I can comprehend but 5! This is so dumb as the bonus supplies practically nothing for finishing the set. Many other put do this also and a number are much hard to achieve with such small rewarding effects in the long run. What was the point to the sets if they are more of a joke for completing most of them as the stats that they give are useless.


This is all I have to say regarding the monster book sets. I truly love this collection idea and that I loved RSGOLDFAST  going about completing them when they were introduced ( though the maplestory mesos were still equally as pathetic as they're now though you did get a wonderful EXP bonus for completing them). These set need to be updated and need to give appropriate stat bonuses if they wish to keep a function in this game or players will only see it as a waste of time if they get no real benefit from doing this.

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