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If something did happen live in-game, it was simply fireworks: things going on in buy RS gold the sky with no immediate changes elsewhere. So this is what everybody was expecting once again, as it became clear Fortnite's huge purple cube - nicknamed Kevin by lovers - was reaching the end of the life. Kevin had been rumbling around the map because late August, producing the very first PvE enemies, turning a complete place into jelly, lifting a second chunk of this island to mid-air.


Except that time, as Kevin detonated, every Fortnite participant was warped somewhere new. I had no clue what was happening as my personality drifted via a sci-fi heaven-like dimension, able to see everybody else on the server, stunned, performing the same. I could control my personality - sort of - because I floated around, as a huge angelic butterfly appeared overhead, the form of the rift which birthed Kevin at the first place.


You can chase the butterfly for a couple seconds as it flitted about, until the camera shut in and the butterfly landed on my character's outstretched hand. And suddenly everyone was back in the game universe, soaring through the sky, down towards a transformed map below. Kevin had exploded and left behind a set of peaceful islands in his aftermath, reshaping an entire place, underneath a new, shining rainbow.


I've watched that sequence again and again and marvelled how well it was directed. How the game OSRS gold gave you just enough control to feel like you're part of what was unfolding instead of a passive viewer. And how the action framed you as the star of it - the touch on your character's hand the resolution to all the mayhem within the past year. Everything occurred in about 90 seconds.

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