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However, they acquire been fatigued in Accumulation E at the finals with Brazil, South Korea and Costa RSGOLDFAST  Rica and face a boxy assignment in their bid to accomplish it through to the endure 16.Costa Rica, ranked 37th, are Spain's aboriginal opponents, at the Olympic Amphitheater in Montreal on June 9.They will be hopeful of starting with a win afore abundant trickier matches adjoin seventh-ranked Brazil, afresh in Montreal, on June 13 and the South Koreans, ranked 18th, in Ottawa four canicule later.


The players are awfully motivated and committed," Quereda said during a May 11 ceremony appointment to advertise his 23-player squad."Costa Rica are an adversary at our level, the a lot of beatable. Brazil are an accustomed ancillary and will accomplish it harder for us and Korea is a actual accurate and well-organised team," added the 64-year-old."It will be actual important to alpha with a win, aloft all at a affray with a abbreviate accumulation stage."


One ambition that may be aural Spain's butt is a abode at next year's Olympic Abecedarian in Brazil.As UEFA will not host a specific accomplishment tournament, the three best-placed European abandon at the Apple Cup will committed a anchorage in Rio de Janeiro."The adage of the players has been 'dream big' and absolute a abode at the Olympics is a possibility," Quereda said.Spain's advance will be spearheaded by Bayern Munich midfielder Veronica Boquete, who won the European Champions


Alliance with the German club on May 14 afore sealing a move to Bayern Munich.A applicant for check it  the 2014 FIFA Ballon d'Or, captain Boquete is at the affection of abounding of Spain's avant-garde forays forth with Arsenal brace Vicky Losada and Natalia Pablos."We apperceive that accepting in Canada is a antecedent of pride but we apperceive what we are about, we will attempt and see how far it takes us," Quereda said. (Editing by Mark Lamport-Stokes) Thursday, June 4, 2015 Circadian Mail Online

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