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Borrowed (stole) and began my experience in MapleStory 2

All in all, I had a ton of fun playing MapleStory 2. The block-style was somewhat odd to me when they first revealed it, but it really grew on me! Having the ability to climb into the very top of Ellinia, watch the twisting canyons of Perion, and industrial buildings of Kerning City was actually cool.The combat is also much more interactive than MapleStory, because creatures are a lot stronger and you need to use a combination of skills to search effectively. For my Ranger, while kiting back together with Strafe and Multi Shot, I needed to use my Ice Shot to slow them.

Bosses were a whole lot of fun, fighting with them with other users while trying to dodge all of their strikes. You definitely can't stand around in one location and expect to live.In terms of levelling, I discovered it to be a good pace.

I didn't really make it that far (level 14) but I discovered that just by performing the available quests I'd have the ability to level up once every hour or two. I heard that at greater levels however, that quests are less frequent and it demands a lot more grinding.

I've been spammed by people over the previous 24 hours requesting me to do a video on MapleStory 2. Since my first video did so nicely, and together with the Closed Beta starting a couple of mere days ago, I felt like this was the perfect opportunity to.Well, just because I felt that way didn't signify the Goddess of Light would grace me with a beta key..Alas, the Goddess of Darkness, with whom my wife shares similar character traits to (don't kill me) did bless her with a closed beta key, by which I promptly. . Borrowed (stole) and began my experience in MapleStory 2.

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