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You'll see a plank with several holes and a portrait As soon as you arrive at the  good price  place. The score is indicated by the number, and the white number is the score for the present run. Take your pickaxe, activate the and ruin the balloons as they appear. After the seventh or sixth balloon, then they will start to appear in multiples of 2 so be prepared for that. Await the game to finish, As soon as you hit 10 balloons ruined and you're going to be counted advancement. Head to the next two do and afterward exactly the same.


For stage one of this challenge, you will want to eat five mushrooms. This is an issue. The only real challenge comes from discovering mushrooms, thankfully, there is a map for that. Ensure you aren't in 100 protects, or you won't be able to consume mushrooms. Mushrooms provide players +5 shields. Consuming all five will probably require at least 25 protects to be available. Below is a map of every mushroom spawn.


Stage two asks 75 shields to be consumed by gamers with small shield potions. This challenge is somewhat annoying, and easy. Protects that are small reward 25 shields each. Drinking two will provide you 50 guards and the game won't allow you to drink more than 50 points of small shield potions. If you want the challenge done fast throw off a dip drink two, and then drink a second. That will provide you the 75 shields you need. Small Shield Potions are seen in chests.


For the Big Shield Potion or"Half-Pot" as some refer to it. This phase of the challenge asks players to eat  Maplestory M Mesos  100 shields worth. The huge shield potion rewards gamers . This means you ought to drink at least two pots to complete the challenge. These shields are MMOGO Only found in chests.The chug jug is the final stage of the challenge. It only asks gamers to consume just one jug. This challenge will come in time. It is basically about whether the game wants to give you a chug jug from a supply or chest drop.

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