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Coach you How To Identify The quality of Glass

 At present, the glass market is increasingly popular, and the detection of glass quality is likewise important when purchasing goblet. For the inspection of glass sheets, the appearance quality is principally to check the flatness and observe the standard defects such as bubbles, inclusions, scuff marks, lines and fog areas. If there is this type of defective glass, deformation will certainly occur during use, which reduces the transparency in the glass, mechanical strength and thermal stability with the glass, and is not well suited for engineering use. Since the glass is a transparent object, the appearance can be detected during selection, and the quality is often basically identified.

Inspecting tumbler processed products, in addition to the requirements of flat magnifying glaas, should also check your processing quality, check whether standard size, processing accuracy and pattern definition meet what's needed, and the side is not allowed to be substandard.

The appearance quality belonging to the hollow glass brick ought not be cracked, and there needs to be no opaque unmelted material from the glass blank, and the welding and bonding between both the wire glass price bodies cannot always be poor. Visual inspection with the brick body should be unencumbered with corrugations, bubbles and lamellar streaks resulting from inhomogeneities from the glass blank. The outer surface from the large surface of the glass brick need to be less than 1 mm, the convexity really should be less than 2 mm, the weight should meet the standard standard, no surface warpage, step, burr and other good quality defects, the angle must be square. The above is your general method for identifying the grade of glass. Special glass must be tested with special technology.

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