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Conflict pass tiers in Fortnite materials

Didn't you overlook free conflict pass tiers in Fortnite materials? I know I did, and thankfully they're back for season 5 with a new blockbuster challenge to chase. We are back to getting key battle stars concealed in the loading screens for the week, some thing we saw for the first seven weeks of season 4, but not for the previous three.

Thus far, we do not appear to be needing to solve any cryptic puzzles. Like the last few of these we have seen, the loading screen will flat-out show you where the secret battle star is without a demand to get a coded message.

This week? You're heading to the new Lazy Links zone that replaced Anarchy Acres with something far more interesting. The loading screen is at the top of the post here, and if you look carefully, you can see the ghost of a battle star in addition to the Buy fortnite items main construction of the chemical.

So, where you're going is situated on the map . Lazy Links is not the greatest drop point ever, but you can do worse, and it's definitely a step up from Anarchy Acres.Here's an aerial perspective of Lazy Links if you're seeking to land directly on it to snag the conflict star immediately whenever the match celebrities.

Fortnite items

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Fortnite materials

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