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Does a person's clothes tell you anything about someone as a person? (4B)


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Yes sometimes i mean it shows how they take care of thierself

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I believe that how a person carries their image will deffinately give away their personality. If a person wears really relaxed clothes, old and outdated styles, and really doesn't follow the current "in" style, this tells the people who see that person that, obviously, they are really laid back and don't fall into the influence of everyone else. Those who wear fresh shoes, new styles constantly, are more devoted to looking good and making sure they look normal and not out of place. A person who wears a business suit will most likely act proffesional.

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yes it shows you if they care about what other people thnk of them.

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I think that a person's clothes definately tells a lot them mainly because if u don't know that person, the first thing u are going to judge them on is by their appearance. in my opinion i think that clothes mainly determine a person when they are looking for a job because the employer would probably want an employee who meets their standards of uniform. For example, if a person who dresses like a rocker applies for a job at an elegant four star restaurant, they most likely will reject him even if he is a well qualified and kind person due to the fact that he does not meet the restaurant standards.

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I think that a persons clothes tells you a lot about a person. Depending on what a person wears you can infer the type of person they are.

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