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Enemies and soft caps in Maplestory M Mesos

Enemies and soft caps in Maplestory M Mesos Reboot relatively early at about k or so Theres absolutely no true reason for this limit to exist other than to slow you down If this were some other MMO the meso would scale as you progress in the game with no need for any type ofmoney increasing effectsWhat we desire isnt more spawn We need better content that equals better leveling up and much better scaling andor general meso rewards similar to current Reboot Event Ursus which has to be a permanent shift in RebootWe also need a on enemies and gear The simple fact that AbsoLab is not greater than CRATyrants is inexcusable and you might want to do a blend of nerfing yrants and buffing AbsoLab CRATyrant functions in the game to date and its making players overpowered with no need to use anything else We also may need to do away withmob grinding and concentrate more on boss grinding By that I mean lower spawn per area but possess the enemies act more and whatnot that would reward EXP and items than the standard enemies you would have been facing earlier in the match Maple M Mesos This really helps to make training more interesting because youre no longer fighting what are reskins of Mushrooms and Snails with more HP and could create debuffing skills more useful outside of core bossing maybe even partying It also just makes it so Buy affordable products here:


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