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Even if Nexon awakened there match MLB 19 the show stubs

Even if Nexon awakened there match MLB 19 Stubs and did that They already showed they dont care so having them step up will require a lengthy time to repair any problems right now Point is that the players will need to do there own thing and do what they did in prebb Cease accepting people who split the TOS in matters and there guilds of that sort The people will selling there stuff for cash if you stop buying the stuff then finally That is never likely to happen in ways we need to learn to dealBringing back the MTS or placing NX allowed from the Auction home wont fix something but make things worse They shot the MTS outside bc of individuals and exploits getting hacked out there Thats just going to happen again Putting NX in the AH may help a bit but it will be manipulated like no other since it involves cash just like the MTS was People today will need to take this game more seriously if they want a much better game not only Nexon but the players as wellCan MapleStory HighV boxes have been deletedst of all yes I see that they were delted at midnight Especially since that is buy MLB The Show 19 Stubs much closer to care timeInstead Im imagining my V boxes vanished because they set it to midnight GMT with no actual sign of it being GMT from the description or even the news article or the discussion postI stored them to start them because Buy affordable products here:


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