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For the first time in series history

Imagine what's possible then. The important point to consider about this FIFA 23 Coins is that it'll be text heavy. Unlike the face-to-face negotiations screens, this really is simpler and is based on properly smoking out the individual asking the hard questions; when Sergio Ramos is not happy about what is happening at Real, it's a little more urgent than some upstart rookie whinging about needing to go out on loan. Messages are tied to the morale system. Say the wrong thing and your manager could put wheels in motion towards a player revolt, shed the dressing room completely or mess a participant's confidence before that all-important major match.

Fingers crossed this doesn't become a hassle and actually has tangible value on the match world.Say goodbye to that Arsène Wenger lookalike, the charmingly handsome (yet completely nondescript) European chap along with those other boring templates. At FIFA 23, EA are all set to supply a manager production tool that'll allow gamers build their guy from the ground up. Something there? "Person". This was deliberate, because there's something to disclose.

For the first time in series history, female managers are a possibility. Yes, it is correct, and this progressive step forwards is long overdue. Male or female, your boss won't need to select between the restricting clothing options in FIFA 22 either. This time, supervisors can be customized to toe from head players see fit. Want to put on a hat? Go ahead. Fancy sporting that club crest proudly? Why not? It has taken a long time to become a fact, but it is finally upon us. In FIFA 23, it is going to be 100% possible to make.

It was, and it appeared to have much of an effect on the way the largest games played out. EA are expecting to add more immersion to Career Mode by creating up new press sequences that offer multiple choice questioning and significance on what's happening around your manager.

Obviously, it is fundamentally the same thing. Players will react to being called out for their bad performances before, and the compliments of your gaffer will bolsters others. Even if it has consequences that are minor, it is an exciting notion that players will be able to poke and prod the sport world to suit their particular agendas. This is something real managers do. If journalists replicate the same questions time and time again, it'll get boring quickly. If EA have included enough unique situations (and altered the wording for what are effectively the very same things), then it won't.

They might have some of their most gifted players on earth, however Juventus will not be a part of FIFA 23. This news is as signing an exclusive deal with 17, following the Turin giants were declared. But what does Konami have to do with FIFA, you might mumble? Well, Konami just so happen to be the game company responsible for making FIFA's long-standing rival. "Delighted," hey? If Cristiano Ronaldo seems all that elated on such an statement 16, we are not sure.

For those FIFA addicts considering how they could play as CR7 in FIFA 23, we have an answer for that. While Juventus will not be on cheap FIFA 23 Coins, a group named Piemonte Calcio will replaces the Italian giants. Similar to PES has had to perform over time, you guessed it, Piemonte Calcio will be a knock-off version of Juve - finish with all the Juventus squad. The footage appears to indicate that PES will also get exclusive access to Juventus' Allianz Stadium.
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