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Fortnite exhaustion is real

In keeping with all the parties that happen at this time of year we've got a challenge that lets us launch fireworks in the buy fortnite materials skies. The fireworks resemble a cartoony red rocket using a fuse and can be found at these places around the map.

I've really grown to enjoy landing expedition outposts because you can always find some good standard loot and chests at these locations, and there is often a zipline so you can make a quick escape. But eliminating opponents at these locations will be tough because everyone will be landing there to the challenge. If you wait too long it'll be more difficult to find people so the best approach to do this is to take it out now while everybody else is doing this.

This is the first of three stages you'll need to complete, but it just requires you to destroy 80 regular chairs you find in houses around the staircase. It may be good to have this in your radar this week, making it a point to ruin every seat you see until you're done. When that is completed, stage 2 will have you ruining wooden utility poles, then stage 3 will be those wooden pallets that you see everywhere.

This is pretty self-explanatory, however, your very best bet here would be to land at Tilted Towers where you know people will probably be trying to finish this challenge. You may also try any of the display outposts, because people will definitely be landing there to the earlier challenge. Just find someone and start swinging.

This is another challenge you are going to want to do to be certain there are folks around while it's still hot. You get the option here of a new place and an OG-named location so just pick your poison and begin shooting. You need three eliminations to finish the challenge.

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