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Game Room continue to do Buy FIFA 17 Coins

since we?ve seen a consistent Top 20 list from the Major Nelson blog, but we were lucky this May ? three of the four weeks are accounted for. Many of the weekly deals were of games we could not follow including Castlevania, Age Of Booty and Deadliest Warrior. Those that did all seemed to do well for themselves, as they hit the Top 10 quite easily.Last month?s Outland and Section 8: Prejudice have both continued to do well on the NBA Live Coins Xbox Live Arcade, which is good to see considering


great Metacritic scores. The old Dead Rising cases and Game Room continue to do Buy FIFA 17 Coins well despite being available for such a long time.Fantastic PinballPinball FX 2 continues to do remarkably well for itself, selling at least 1,000 copies of each table per week, which when put together makes a good chunk of change for Zen Studios. They released one new table ? the Fantastic Four table, which added 20,370 new players in two weeks, which is on par once again with their other tables. Ninja Cave


ManWe also followed some other older titles from earlier in the year. Trouble Witches Neo and NIN2-Jump from May did not do very well in June, but Fancy Pants, Full House Poker and Torchlight have all continued to sell consistently throughout the past few months.Looking at JuneLooking forward June is going to be a fairly empty month ? already there?s been two weeks with no new releases, but we do have some big titles on their way, including Half Minute Hero and Magic The Gathering 2012.


Nintendo says it has "no intention" of delving into the free-to-play gaming boom, as it believes it should "try to maintain the overall value of video games."Speaking to The Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata explained that the company is not interested in developing free-to-play titles, and would rather make games that are "appreciated by the consumers.""Nintendo is not interested," he said. "We have no intention to MMOGO provide a property to any other


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