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Erectile dysfunction has become a serious matter for almost 4 out of 10 people. This deadly devil is developing rapidly in most of the people around the world.  Erectile dysfunction was not discovered in last few decades, may be because people in those days were ashamed of telling the truth openly or maybe it was there but in small quantity. However if we check today people are more open with their sexual life. Today’s people talk more openly about the ED problem. Sex is considered to be a part of life and all women wants their husband to perform well in bed during love making time. ED is that parasite in men that paralyses the healthy sexual life in men’s world. Men are always seen aggressive on sexual life at the beginning and they gradually decline as the years progresses. Whereas in most of the cases, women remains calm and their sexual desire continues for a long time. Sometimes having too much of sex at initial stage can lead to ED problem. Changing of partners can not only cause impotency in men but it brings STD diseases and HIV AIDS. Impotency in men makes women suspicious on their husbands as they think that their husbands are having affair with some other women. Not only has that it made them thinks that their husbands have no interest on them.

Impotency in men is not natural in most of the cases as there are many things that are responsible for generating it such as smoking, regular consumption of alcohol, stress etc. however these things plays an important role in causing impotency in men. Tobacco and cigarette contains some harmful chemicals that enters the blood vessels and arteries and makes them contaminated. The chemical present there slows down the blood flow to penile area hence causing problem for erection. Alcohol consumption is another factor that weakens the muscles of a body and the penis muscles hence making them weak and unable to erect. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction feel bore of life and feel ashamed of themselves. They not only lose their hope but goes under depression which could be fatal for them. Some diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, kidney problem, high blood pressure etc are also responsible for erectile dysfunction.

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