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 How do I sync ATT email with Android phone (2)

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How do I sync ATT email with Android phone

Contact AT&T Customer Service Phone Number

Android smartphones have one good functionality that is users can keep multiple accounts save in their phone either for their personal use or professional. If you want to sync your AT&T email with Android phone then just follow these steps:

• Go to Settings of your smartphone.

• Then Select Accounts and then click to Add Account.

• A page will open where you will have lots of option of various webmail that are present today. From there just select AT&T.

• After agreeing to manufacture’s Terms of Service, you need to enter your existing account details that include an email address and password.

• Then click next and now Your account will take few seconds to sync.

• Once syncing is complete you are ready to use your email.

Even after implementing these steps you are not aces your account then it's best to call Contact AT&T Customer Support  to ask them the correct settings which must be done to sync the account.

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Contact ATT Customer Support Phone Number

Contact AT&T Customer Care Phone Number

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