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How to Convert DVD to iPhone 7/7 Plus

The craze of the latest iPhone 7/7 Plus is sweeping over the world, have you ever thought about watching DVD on iPhone 7/7 Plus? It seems this is an impossible work. In practice, with the help of an iPhone 7 DVD ripper, it's pretty simple for you to play DVD on iphone 7. This key point is to convert DVD to iPhone 7 compatible video format. WonderFox DVD Ripper is highly recommended to help you copy DVD to iPhone 7. You don't need to get familiar with those setting parameters like format, encoder, resolution, etc. This DVD to iPhone 7 ripper owns 300+ preset profile for each format and devices. Just select "iPhone 7" or "iPhone 7 Plus" profile and hit Run button to start DVD to iPhone 7/7 Plus conversion. Thus, it will amount to put DVD on iPhone 7 and take with you for playback freely.

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