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How to Deinterlace Video

Get frustrated by disgusting serrations in video displayed on your TV or PC? It's interlaced video used by all analog camcorders, VCRs, broadcast television systems to prevent flicker and reducing transmission bandwidth. But most modern displays only work in deinterlace mode, so you have to deinterlace video. You may ask "what is deinterlace" and "how to deinterlace video", don't worry, here are two free and simple solutions for video interlacing fix.

1. Deinterlace Video with VLC
You can deinterlace your video by following VLC deinterlace steps: Open interlaced video with VLC > click "Video" on menu bar > go to "Deinterlace" > choose "On".

2. Deinterlace Video with HandBrake
Here is the step-by-step HandBrake deinterlace instruction: Click "Source" to import interlaced video > switch to "Filters" tab under Output Settings section > Choose "Deinterlace" > select one of the deinterlace way: Custome, Fast, Slow, Slower, Bob > start conversion.

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