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How to Fix the Black Screen in YouTube

Get frustrated with YouTube videos black screen problem? Such as black screen on YouTube, YouTube an error occurred please try again later, audio plays but videos display black screen, etc. Actually, it's a very common issue caused in many aspects. Here are some possible causes and simple solutions below for YouTube black screen fix.

1. Turn off your modem and router for 30 seconds, and then turn them back on again. This is a common method for An error occurred please try again later YouTube fix. It's better to have a broadband connection with 1 Mbps or above.

2. The bulky browser cache/memory/cookies/history often cause more questions. Clear them regularly so that everything must be downloaded anew when you reload a webpage.

3. Some issues can be solved by disabling hardware acceleration, e.g. YouTube video is black but audio works. Try to disable hardware acceleration on Flash Player/Chrome/FireFox.

4. YouTube screen black is likely to be caused by some browser add-ons/extensions/applications like AdBlock. Disable your plugins one by one to have a check.

5. Update your Adobe Flash Player to the latest version or simply request for HTML5 Player to avoid black screen YouTube videos.
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