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I have a couple Maplestory M Mesos questions

Hey everybody! Now that I've decided, I have a couple Maplestory M Mesos questions.

Classes. Woah. I've done a small amount of research on Basilmarket and came up with a short collection of courses I'm interested in. If you play one of them, have played in the past, or only have a comment on some of these regarding general power level, funding required, etc, I would love to listen to it. The listing is as follows: Spearman/DK/Dark Knight, Assassin/Night Walker, Dual Blade, I/L Mage, Battlemage.

Funding. Like I said, I'm a participant. I have got absolutely zero idea how to finance my characters. Any advice here is GREATLY appreciated. "Worlds". I've got no clue that world to decide on. What are why, and your suggestions? Pay-to-Win. In the appearing I have done this game does not appear to be Pay-to-Win, but I may have missed something. What's your opinion in regards to this?

Any information or thoughts that you have and would like to give is buy Maplestory 2 Mesos great. I'm now downloading the sport but have a VERY long time left to go yet, so I likely won't have the ability to play till I get off work tomorrow. I will try to see and respond tonight, and tomorrow in my breaks/lunch. Ok, I understand the big problem is going nexon with these attacks, I understand they won't fix it instantly but artasi, if you are reading this, many people, like myself, we have a daily routine in that 1 hour or two hours with no play we can lost the productivity of our maplestory2 stuff...

In this case I mean the reward points out of star planet and bosses, doing the quest and search boxes for anniversary maplestory coins in order to get things from the coin store...

Maplestory 2 Mesos

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Maplestory M Mesos

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