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nderwire casing nderwire casing
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I like the plush underwire casing at the side seam and using this material allows

An corsets wholesale Easy Way to Add Support to your Bra As you can imagine, during the sewing process you could easily hide the lower edge and even the upper edge of the casing underneath the elastic. Just be aware that when the casing ends are concealed under the elastic, the boning will not span the entire width of the seam. It will be shorter by at least the inner stitching on the elastic. If I am going to take the extra step of adding boning to the side seam, I want the full effect so I use the method described in this post.

Sometimes you want wholesale halloween costumes a little more support from your bra or perhaps you just want to prevent the side seam from riding up on your body. No problem! All you need to do is add a little side boning! You can do this with any bra that has a side seam, including ready-to-wear bras that are in your lingerie drawer right now.

Like most of bra making and sewing in general, there wholesale christmas costumes are multiple ways to add boning to the side of a bra. This tutorial will show you the fast and easy way to add this support.Materials,In addition to your finished bra, you will need lengths of boning long enough to cover the side seam of your bra and lengths of a boning casing wide enough to fit your boning. Be sure to have extra boning casing since it helps enormously with handling at the sewing machine.

I use ΒΌ" Rigilene boning which fits nicely into the same casing I use for the underwires. I like the plush underwire casing at the side seam and using this material allows me to match what already being used inside the bra. If you are using this technique to add support to a ready-to-wear bra, just find the best color match in your stash.


nderwire casing

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nderwire casing

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I vote on the question or comment. I will also make comment if I feel my words contribute to the discussion and has not be completely duplicated by someone else's words. I am interested in all of the discussions, although I may not be able to post my opinions because my workplace and I have to wait until the end of the day to make my comment or provide an answer.

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