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 I used to love the sass from the villagers and nearly everyone else (1)

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I used to love the sass from the villagers and nearly everyone else

I had been attempting to make a perfect snowman but I messed up and Animal Crossing Bells pushed the larger one to the bigger one and immediately closed the game from panic.I love their comments reminds me of the savage comments the Villagers of the very first animal crossing would say! Haha

I've only managed to make ONE perfect snowboy so now I have a circle of passive aggressive half melted dudes who only snip at me onto the reg. I actually love it!? The previous guy looks just like OP's and that I laughed myself into a coughing fit.The snowboys are the best aspect of this game so far. Perhaps a bit of an overstatement but ACNH is so devoid of personality it makes these snowboys the top personalities to speak to from the sport.

I used to love the sass from the villagers and nearly everyone else.

Your entire year with Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Nintendo Switch)This game is printing cash for Nintendo. My family is about this game (Well, except me). Then she got sucked in to doing the busy work for them, realized she enjoyed it and purchased another turn + a second copy of the game for Cheap Nook Miles Ticket herself.
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