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It's just like the FIFA Coins

story helps, yes. But it's the FEEL of the game that will ensure a captive audience. It's just like the FIFA Coins one-armed bandit.The aim of the poker machine is to pull the lever and get the wheels spinning, but if you just focus on making the lever spin the wheels, people won't play it. They need to enjoy the act of pulling the lever and pushing the button just as much as the result of that action on the screen.Anyway, thanks for listening to my little rant :) I hope it helps to inspire all of you


game developers.[This piece was reprinted from Buy FUT Coins AltDevBlogADay, a shared blog initiative started by devoted to giving game developers of all disciplines a place to motivate each other to write regularly about their personal game development passions.Every week, Gamasutra rounds up the top-grossing Android gaming applications, as current that day at Google Play. This week's U.S. revenue charts see Rage of Bahamut and Live Holdem Poker Pro leading today's rankings, as Slot City


Drag Racing: Bike Edition also report top earnings.These charts allow end users to see who is making the most money on Google Play that day. It differs significantly from the Top Paid Games chart, which is ranked by sales, and therefore is dominated by lower-priced titles that sell more copies.Data es courtesy of Google's public sales information. All titles in Google Play's "Games" category are considered in chart rankings.This week's top-grossing Android titles are:1. Rage of Bahamut (


, Free)2. Live Holdem Poker Pro (Dragonplay, Free)3. Zynga Poker (Zynga, Free)4. Drag Racing: Bike Edition (Creative Mobile, Free)5. Slot City: Slot Machines (Dragonplay, Free)6. Slotomania (Playtika, Free)7. Draw Something (OMGPOP, $1.99)8. Temple Run (Imangi, Free)9. Tap Fish (Gameview, Free)10. Defender II (DroidHen, Free)After a slow climb up the charts over the last two weeks, Mobage's online multiplayer trading card game Rage of Bahamut captures the


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