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Meet the real Danny Williams - actor Chris Walters

FIFA 17 revolutionised the EA Sports franchise with the introduction of The Journey - the first story mode ever included in a FIFA game. The mode saw players take control of a young Alex Hunter and follow his story from playing football on the playground all the way to the Champions League final. Journey Mode was a three-part story which recently concluded in FIFA 19 and while Hunter was originally the star, a second character won the hearts of many fans: Danny Williams.

He said: "Acting in motion-capture suits was quite freeing actually, I'd say it was a combination of being on stage and filming TV work. The director is leading you like it's a film project because he wants that to match up with what the computers are grabbing but then you've got the big space in the warehouse which gives the feeling of theatre.

"And with the character direction we ended up going with Danny of him being ostentatious and big, all the things you're supposed to be on stage, and for him, his life is a stage when he's in public. It was very much a mix, very open and I liked the combination of it. 

"Plus, I found it was easier to forgive myself when watching my performance back in a video game. When it's animated, it's less in my hands, somebody has taken what I look like and designed around that as best they could. Whereas if you're looking at yourself in a film and you see yourself do something stupid with your eyebrow or silly with your mouth, then you get annoyed at yourself for doing something stupid."

Having already revealed that he had tried for the role of Alex Hunter, Goal asked Walters if there were any other secrets he had from the filming process during his three years as part of the Journey. "The process was always very nice and relaxed, no one was stressed or if they were, they hid it well," he added.

"As I said before, There was a lot of freedom to do different things with the lines and improvise. I think I threw my partner's name in at one point during an interview scene, saying how the club was welcoming, even Martha the tea lady. I'm not sure if that made it into the game but it might still be in there, it was nice that I could throw in something like that."

While the Journey Mode has become a staple of the recent FIFA games, the Journey was always intended as a trilogy. For now, there is no official news on whether the Journey will return or if there will be a brand new story once EA Sports releases the next addition to the FIFA franchise.

fifa 19 ps4 coins

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fifa 19 xbox-one coins

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