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Most and to take regular breaks to u2fifa

 Taipei City Internet cafe following a staggering five-day gaming binge, CNN reports than another man, surnamed Hsieh, was found slumped over a table in an Internet cafe in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, following three solid days of gaming. Staff members to FIFA Coins  commented that he was a regular customer and often fell asleep in his chair or at the table, which was why they didn't realize anything was wrong until he had already been dead for several hours. He entered the cafe on January 6th, and was pronounced dead on January 8th.Hsieh was 32-years-old and unemployed, which was why he spent so

much time in Internet cafes (Gamespot notes that cafes in the region can charge as little as two dollars for eight hours of gaming). Hsieh's family said that it wasn't uncommon for him to disappear for two or three days at a time, and a police statement indicated that cold temperatures to Buy FIFA 17 Coins and over-exhaustion from long hours spent gaming likely contributed to his death from heart failure.MMORPGs in particular have a reputation for being addictiveObviously this is an extreme case, but long hours spent gaming can have adverse health effects even if they don't always prove fatal. It's a good

idea to limit gaming sessions to eight hours at most and to take regular breaks to exercise, stretch or nap. While advertisers might insist that Doritos and Mountain Dew are the only respectable diet for a hardcore gamer, keeping a bottle of water and some healthier snacks nearby is the smarter (and cheaper) option.Video games, like any another enjoyable activity, carry a risk of becoming addictive and it's important for everyone to stay aware of how much time they're spending in front of the screen. Remember: being a gamer and having a healthy lifestyle are not mutually exclusive to


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