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My favourite feature here though is the Maple M Mesos

My favourite feature here though is the Maple M Mesos ability to modify the colours of your equipment! For all of your non-Skin items (I will explain this a little bit afterwards but think of these as Money equipment), it is possible to customize them! Love the stats of your hat but hate that it doesn't suit your outfit? This solves your problem~

In CBT, Beauty Street is free but it will use something called Maple Coupons when the game actually comes out. I think this place is most likely going to be like the Cash Shop (see the remixed audio haha), but I bet they'll give chances to have Coupons for non-paying players as well.In MapleStory 2, this is exactly what it looks like when you talk to an NPC. Each individual has voice overs although some of the NPCs that are significant have illustrations!

The one thing I discovered super bothersome was that in the Maple story M Mesos event that you go through the dialogue too fast (i.e. spam Space), it is going to cancel the dialog and you are going to have to begin over in the beginning.The manner that abilities operate in MapleStory 2 are that you simply have access to 2 of them at level 10. It's used for all skills such as teleports, dashes, and other items.Rulers of the battle that love to fight.

Without fear due to their obsession and madness, Berserkers rampage when wielding their Good Sword and instill fear within their opponents. They charge straight ruining them. When cornered, they bring out an strength.

Maple M Mesos

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