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OSRS gold singleplayer route at the beginning

Was it difficult to convince Ubisoft you were not going down the Cheap OSRS gold singleplayer route at the beginning?

Funnily, not that far. There's been a lot of challenge from everyone, around, largely, I believe, because Siege differs from what Ubisoft has been historically accustomed to and continues to be tremendously successful in doinglike Far Cry, Assassin's, heavily open world matches, huge characters, excellent storylines. When you do include a multiplayer, high skill cap sport? Phew! [Laughs and wipes brow.]

When we had internal reviews in the prototyping phase, it was difficult. This is not what people are accustomed to, so we had been nearly putting them around the foot. Siege was the opposite of what we were used to [at Ubisoft], but rs07 accounts we were really surprised at the time with how quickly and how readily it went in terms of shifting viewpoints and getting the business to have faith in us to do something entirely different, and adopt it. Without them, that would never have been possible.

You introduced a zero tolerance approach to toxicity at the Siege community, this year. Is that system going?

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