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Part three is the final part of this series

It's maybe easy to forget now, but this trailer was incredible at the time. MT 2K23 ended up being one of the best looking — if not the best looking — games at launch for PS4, and I questioned numerous times whether this trailer was even real. With In The Air Tonight banging in the background, I just watched this trailer on a loop. There's also probably a story here that would be interesting to hear in terms of what happened with the graphics engine Visual Concepts was using and how it evolved over this generation. I say that because I think you could argue NBA 2K had its best graphics of the generation with NBA 2K23 and NBA 2K15.

NBA 2K23 (PS5)

Sweat, sweat, sweat and more sweat. I think 2K is taking a similar approach to the PS4/Xbox One era here, so I am hopeful we'll get a trailer later this year that makes me believe all over again that this is actually how the game will look for 5-on-5. The eyes, the sweat and the facial animations all look fantastic, so it's just a matter of whether this can be pulled off on a larger scale. So what about y'all, do you still remember the NBA 2K23 trailer as vividly as I do? Do you think this Zion trailer will stick with you? Let us know.

Back in February, part two of this series looked at another scenario where the NBA offseason turned out differently and how the ensuing NBA season would have unfolded. It featured Anthony Davis in a Clippers uniform, the Banana Boat Lakers, and the Knicks beings the Knicks, among other things.

Part three is the final part of this series. Although I'm not a fan telling James Dolan to sell the Knicks, I don't want to get banned from Madison Square Garden (I've never even been to New York!), so I'll be nicer to the franchise here. Part three has more star-player movement than the first two, which results in a lot of teams vying for real "contender" status. Let's revisit the rules and take a division-by-division look at how the summer unfolded.

I did my best to make signings accurate and within reach of financial rules and restrictions by looking at available cap space for each team, contract terms for all signings, and what players might interest what teams. I clicked through every slideshow article mentioning trade ideas, even the weird ones like Kawhi Leonard Will Join the Utah Jazz and Here are Six Ways That Can Happen. If you have a beef with any of these moves, then you have a beef with the internet, mostly Bleacher Report.

To make it more fun, we're turning the clock back to Game 5 of the Safe NBA 2K23 MT Finals. Durant and Thompson escape the Finals unharmed, but the Raptors win anyway. After free agency opens, everyone's on the move.

Atlantic Division
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