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Players poe currency find that an ancient

In the prior endgame storyline, players poe currency find that an ancient, primordial force that roams Worlds' Atlas, chase it to the middle of the Atlas, also, if they are skilled conquer it. However, what if a different group of Exiles were the individuals who managed to rid the Elder's Atlas? What if your world threatened?

And, most importantly, how on earth do we make this canon? The idea for this story was an endeavor to work player behavior into the narrative. Significantly, that after the big, bad evil of this current Endgame articles (the Elder) was defeated, players would... simply keep playing. There is just so many times you'll be able to run a Shore map before you lose your brain. In Conquerors of this Atlas, you'll find what the effects of exposure to the maddening, twisted worlds of the Atlas can do to the unwary, and you will mount a last defense against foes that are new.

Introducing five unbelievably tough boss encounters, socketable Atlas"Watchstones" that allow you to show once-hidden maps and restrain the difficulty of these maps you challenge, along with a slew of new rewards to unlock, Conquerors of this Atlas provides dozens, if not hundreds, of hours of new challenges for even the best buy poe orbs players, and at least an hour of confusion for returning players who didn't pay attention to the statement. Contained in this growth are new ways to augment your equipment, unlocking innumerable character builds and money things.

poe currency

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