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cheapest Maplestory Mesos MS Mesos
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Please, take this suggestion with fantastic thought

Another method of relieving this issue is to get a permanent feature of Money Shop Inventory Transfers. Without this lifeline, it triggers congestion of both inefficacious uses of Cash Shop items; a dissatisfactory view of "cash grap" towards nexon; and the non invasive, "I have two of those things... I don't need it" comment cheapest Maplestory 2 Mesos.

Please, take this suggestion with fantastic thought. Understandably, there have been calls for premium surprise boxes in Reboot, however, it's annoying they're untradeable within your own account; untradeable between people; and eternally receiving numerous components of the exact same product. Have either a platform where you can receive a refunded amount to buy a 90 day thing; A platform where you can trade clothes for clothing or Maplestory 2 mesos for clothing; A location where trading of these items can exist.

You might always redeem the items in the walnut admin or whoseit to get those tickets for the fabulous surprise fashion box or whatever its called. Its not a perfect system, but its still a gambling box so I think its some thing Nexon will think about before allowing direct purchases of items that you would like or allowing trading on Reboot.

Worlds, parties, guilds, alliances and FM auction

Can't ever find enough people to do a party pursuit, not to mention parties are worthless since monsters are to easy to kill. My proposal is merge all game titles so the remaining players could have fun playing together before the match completely dies. An extra bonus EXP/Drop per party member feature in the celebration tab(to remove solo training and bossing).

I strongly believe solo play is the leading cause to the dying of maple story. A large majority of people are stopping this game. You know better than I do, that would possibly flood some of the high-end training areas of the game, so an additional 10 channels may be inserted to resolve this.

Reinstall the removed feature "Auction" from KMS patches. This eliminates the requirement for players to buy free market stores that lowers profit for your organization, but in turn raises appeal amongst players(which can cause some gamers to return which raises overall bought karma koin buy Maplestory Mesos).

cheapest Maplestory Mesos

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MS Mesos

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