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Rainbow Six Siege Introduces Archetypes

First up is a currently unnamed attacking Operator,"using a remarkably sharp mind" in tactical operations. Rainbow Six Siege Items finding a love for Kabul while working in Afghanistan, this Delta Force solider has seen a good deal on the field.

As teased by Rainbow Six brand director, Alexandre Remy, the team has been exploring a new Operator breaching role. This could likely be a new hard breacher that opens reinforced surfaces, expanding on the skillset of Thermite and Hibana. Information found in the match's gadget files surfaced an unannounced"blowtorch," matching the gadget silhouette from the very first Grim Sky teaser.

On the defending team, a brand new shield-wielding Operator is apparently on the horizon. She's an"expert on mob behavior," following installation among Scotland Yard's riot control personnel. We don't know much about this character, but she appears to deal with a bulletproof shield and mounted taser. While we've got many shield Operators currently in Rainbow Six Siege, this is especially the initial protector with such a gadget.

Reference to a"hole blocker" Operator was likewise found and seems to utilize a projectile-based system with double, single, and trap states. This could still be on the road for a upcoming period or have been just canned during evolution.

After Grim Sky releases, the two Operators must be available at no additional cost to owners of Rainbow Six Siege's Year 3 Pass. Seven days later, these Operators will be accessible to the public utilizing Renown or R6 Credits.

Ubisoft also plans to debut a"rework" rather than a totally new map, overhaulling an present in-game site. Probably the first of many reworks, the publisher expects to keep the map's essence while delivering"considerable modifications to level art and design direction."

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