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Rating to be equivalent to the NBA Live Coins

its own submission and is rated separately. Do you consider the ESRB's T rating to be equivalent to the NBA Live Coins MPAA's PG-13 rating, and the M rating to be equivalent to the MPAA's R rating?EM: Both the Teen rating for games and PG-13 rating for movies denote that a product is suitable for those 13 and older, so in that sense they are similar. But video games differ from movies in many ways, so it isn’t necessarily an apt comparison.The purpose of the ESRB ratings is to provide parents


information about video games they’re buying for their children and families, and what is most important is that our ratings are meeting consumers’ expectations with respect to content and age-appropriateness. The latest consumer research shows that parents are overwhelmingly satisfied with the guidance that ESRB ratings provide.Do you think the MPAA rate Halo: Reach as R, if it were a movie? Would they rate Black Ops as R?EM: That’s really a question for the FIFA Ultimate Team Coins MPAA. Our


is to evaluate each game and assign the rating that we believe best enables a parent to make an informed decision with respect to whether it is one they deem suitable for their child. Why is it that James Bond: 007 Bloodstone has a T rating for alcohol and tobacco reference, blood, mild language, mild suggestive themes, and violence, whereas Halo: Reach is rated M for only blood and violence?EM: Content descriptors are assigned within the context of a game’s rating category, and are not


a listing of all of the different types of content one might encounter in a game. For example, an E10+ game and an M game may both have a "suggestive themes" content descriptor, but in the E10+ game this could pertain to a flirtatious remark or character’s attire whereas in the higher categories that content may be more substantial. Or, as another example, a character drinking a glass of wine may earn an Alcohol Use descriptor in an E game but receive no descriptor in MMOGO an M game since such content is


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NBA Live Mobile Coins

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