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Reboot has 5x the Maplestory 2 fall speed

I understand that there are some disadvantages, but I do not believe they're large enough to justify not implementing this method. The biggest disadvantage I can see is a bot/meso farmer uses your phone number and has Maplestory 2 Items banned before you try to make your account.

In that scenario, there could be a rather intensive approach to clear a phone number (it might have to be intensive to be a successful ban). Either that or you are out of luck, but the odds of that occurring anyhow are slim to none to start with.

Also, nexonNA could mechanically ban phone numbers from all countries outside of the serviced countries, thus making it harder for chinese meso farmers to work (they'd require a massive source of American/canadian phone numbers and corresponding phones available to make additional bots).

Ok, I know I have written about Hayato a few times in the past, however I really, really believe that he's rather underpowered. His 1v1 skill, Shinsoku, seems rather underwhelming, even with Hypers considered and even a decent bit of funding. Moreover, his playstyle seems to be lone-wolf such as, but he does not appear to be fully equipped for this.

In particular, he has no bind, silence/seal, or the like to counter things like Damage Reflect and Cancel Physical Damage. This endangers him worst, frees him at least for many major bosses (Empress, Tough Magnus, to name two ).

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