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Should the government have control over the church? (2nd)


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NOOOOOO!! The Government would sensor everything the church would say or teach, and that would be a violation of our freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

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no beacuse thats some thing that is free and one of the reasons why they move from england to the colonys!

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No , Because the religon must be sperated form the govt. issues, because the religon is the same but the govt costantly changing.

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I don't think that the Goverment should have control over the church because you can't mix politics and religion I know that both the chuch as well as the government pocess economic power that's why I think that neither one should overrule against the other.

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No i don't think that the goverment should have controll over the church because the church is a holy place and no body should have the control over it, i think that the nly one that have the control over the church and over everything is God!

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