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Site Survey & Readiness

Site survey & readiness checklist Before carrying out a wireless site survey, it’s essential that the right preparations are made. Below, we’ve listed all of the top things you need to think about before you proceed.

Your Network Adaptor: a lot of the data you collect is done so via your network adaptor. It’s vital that you not only have one that’s recommended and proven to work well, but also one you trust and understand. Get to know your adaptor so you’re aware of how it works and how you can interpret the results with more accuracy. Use multiple adaptors: following on from this, it benefits you to use more than one adaptor as you can carry out multiple surveys at the same time, rather than having to do them one after the other. Importing your floor plan: you must import your floor plan, so it’s got a good enough resolution to see all the details you need to see. Also, try and minimise white space as this just takes up screen space and makes it harder to see the area. 

More Info: survey readiness

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