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Take A Look At Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Grim Sky Patch Notes

Until an event is confirmed, should it be happening, Rainbow Six Siege Items players possess the game's latest spot to play and maintain them until Halloween comes around. More updates are anticipated to come before then, but Ubisoft's latest most recent changelist made some sweeping changes to teamkilling that those who grow frustrated with their teammates will want to take notice of.

"The group killing punishment for a first offense is going to be corrected from a kick into a 30 minute prohibit," Ubisoft's patch notes stated with a complete breakdown of the new teamkilling penalties found here. "Originally, if a player was team murdered in Casual, the offender was kicked from the match. The situation in Ranked could result in a kick but also triggered an penalty. This was confusing because it seemed like the team killing punishment was distinct between Ranked vs Casual."

Seems like Halloween is currently coming to Rainbow Six Siege in a big way. A playlist teasing a variant of the House map redecorated for Halloween appeared after the most recent patch on the menu. Then it disappeared like a Ubisoft engineer -- or like a ghost realizing a brand new holiday feature was revealed.

The playlist appears to be House, all the time, in casual multiplayer that is normal. The distinction is that House is currently decked out with halloween decorations, with spooky jack-o'-lanterns. It's hard to tell just how much the map will be changed given that we're taking a look at a single teaser , however you can expect some redecoration.

This image -- captured on Reddit shows a couple of skins. It is not the first time we've gotten Halloween skins in Siege, though combined with a brand new unique playlist it all suggests we will have a far more substantial holiday occasion this time around.

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