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The following examples may help you better understand the changes

The following examples may help you better understand the changes in contemporary Chinese sporting goods market is experiencing: population movement was originally purchased brand 10 million, but only 100 million of which the real exercise habits and exercise needs. Today, due to market segmentation and other reasons, sports brand consumer population dropped to 500 million, however, which have a good exercise habits of users accounted for 200 million. Therefore, the sports brand to words, the challenge now will face the fact there are two, one is how good service higher gold content of these sports people. The second is how to expand the base of the core sports people. Nike choose to use the Internet as a weapon, to meet these challenges. "Nike does not necessarily have to go to every city to shop, but such a platform can be brought before Nike every consumer also put every consumer brought before us." HuangXiangYan said, "Nike is a teenagers as the main market of the company, so the way young people learn and communicate with them, is a very important thing. "" double eleven "that, Nike launched a micro-channel low-key public services account for the running crowd of Nike + run Club. On the line just 10 days, the service Nike Air Max 95 Womens will account for runners attracted to 16,124 followers, through the account set up to run the built-in function group, these users quickly create a running theme over 1000 micro-channel group. Nike has always been an innovative company advertised over the past 30 years, it has been at the technical level to guide the development of the whole industry. Today, the company no longer satisfied with the pair of sneakers sold to consumers so simple, it began to set itself more ambitious mission - to help users more scientific, systematic exercise. "In addition to providing products, we are now the most wanted to do is to provide services. The so-called service is to allow users to brand awareness and movement more complete." HuangXiangYan so to "commercial value" explained Nike + meaning. For a sports brand, you want to achieve Nike Roshe Run Mesh the above objectives, the prerequisite is to understand their users in the end is how to carry on the movement. Over the past three years, Nike launched a number of quantized motion of the user's products: in 2010 for the launch of mobile applications running sport Nike + Running, 2011, the company launched a collaboration with TomTom sports watch with a GPS positioning function, Nike last year even launched a wearable device - sports wristband Fuelband, in October this year, further released a second generation product --Fuelband SE, which also marked the Fuelband been incorporated into the regular Nike product line; in early November, Nike for daily activities in the built-in iPhone 5s M7 coprocessor tailor dynamic recording application Nike + Move has officially landed App Store. When the motion data in the real world to the virtual world is transferred to quantify, Nike can begin to more efficiently guide the user to participate in sports.

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