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This corresponds to some questline in Fortnite

Last season we had the Blockbuster Challenge, which requested us to complete seven complete weeks of rewarded and challenges us with a puzzle legendary skin for out troubles, together with special narrative-based loading displays along the way. In Season 5, it is the exact same thing, only this time it's called the"Road Trip" Challenge. And I believe I have a pretty good idea what it's going to look like, or at least what wide aesthetic genre it fits into. It's always potential Epic is floating a red herring down my flow, but now I'm eager to go out on a sidewalk. Just like in Season 4, this corresponds to some questline in Fortnite: Save the World, and this one just so happens to be pretty solidly Western-themed. It was widely speculated that we'd be getting a few older-style Western-themed locales in Season 5 of Battle Royale, but as it turns out the new desert biome has a much more modern feel to it. That doesn't mean we will not be receiving it at any stage, however. The map shifted a fair amount over the course of Season 4, and Epic seems to only be doubling down that idea with Season 5. Day 1 has brought some pretty extensive modifications, and I get the feeling the entire time rift item is going to bring some of those mined Wild West resources into the game yet. My guess is this is going to coincide with the Road Trip skin, and Cheap fortnite items that said Road Trip epidermis will be more Western-themed in some manner. It helps, of course, that folks like Westerns and generally speaking want to wear dusters. The particulars of the skin are still up in the air, but I am hoping for a duster. mmogo scary sale use code "halloween" for 6% off!

Fortnite materials

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Buy fortnite items

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