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Those newest toys in fortnite materials

The basketball is just one of those newest toys in fortnite materials, that are items that you equip such as emotes but that spawn these physics-based balls to the world.

The distinction here is that the ball will fly at a different angle based on where you're aiming, and it is not always intuitive. In this instance, it's likely to be a lot easier to get a half-court shot than a lay-up, since the ball will go up fairly straight and then return fairly straight. So let's do this.

First, you'll need to find a court, and you will see them all on this map . If you would like to buy Fortnite Items pinpoint your photo on the first try, visit half-court and stand just behind the half-court circle on the side away from the basket you're aiming at.

Pick the emote allow it to fly: it ought to go straight down into the hoop, or bounce on the rim. Bouncing about the rim counts: you'll know it worked when you see some confetti. This won't work as well for the hoops which aren't on complete courts, so just remember that this gets easier the further back you're. Around 9 m is the ideal distance to make the basket while aiming at the rim.

Fortnite Items

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fortnite weapons

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