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Unpredictability is what makes them fascinating

The dynamic cards change dramatically in value depending on the team's and FIFA 23 Coins the player's performance as well as this year based on their country's, too. You can observe this in the price charts on FUT comparison websites. a star striker will rise in price prior to the game, only to skyrocket when they score or go down without a trace when the team falls behind.

The best method for making cash from cards is to purchase them during neutral periods to hold them for a while, and then sell in the hype. For example, it is the case with Liverpool's Darwin Nunez has had a slow start the Merseyside with two league goals during his seven initial games.

After a disappointing 3-3 draw against Brighton and with tough matches on the horizon His OTW price - which was released just three days after release - is hovering around 70k coins. A wily speculator might choose this 'low' moment to purchase one, and think about selling it before Liverpool's next game kicks off, particularly when Nunez is a part of the lineup. If they're more reckless, they could even keep it in the game , hoping Nunez scores, but the risk is higher.

Another thing to look for with OTW cards is when upgrade is already 'priced'. We all know that Man City are going to have to win 3/8 games for Haaland the first OTW upgrade, as an example and this is one of the reason behind the astronomical price in game. Don't be fooled into buying players who will certainly get three wins, in the hope that prices will rise once the time comes around. It is likely that this will result in a plethora of players trying to cash in simultaneously, which will drive the cost down.

Ultimately, Ones to Watch cards can be predicted in certain ways and unpredictable in other. Unpredictability is what makes them fascinating, but knowing the predictable peaks and lows - investing when they're down, selling when they're up - is how you'll be able to earn coins from these cards.

Like Jose Mourinho parking a bus, Watford sacking another manager, and FUT 23 Coins buy Jurgen Klopp moaning about fixture congestion The football season would not be not complete without the release of a new edition of FIFA.

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