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What is Pname com facebook orca error?

The Facebook messenger (developed by Facebook Inc.) app (like other digital apps), has several integrated folders (or functions) to allow the user with a hassle-free interface. One such folder on Facebook is called the “Orca”. The primary objective of a folder is to secure the data on the application from each manufacturer and carrier  (with the different OS) and varied preloaded applications. Pname com facebook Orca folder enables the storage of all the files, Audios, Videos, Cache, images, and Plugins from the smartphone (Android as well as iOS). It gets installed automatically when the Facebook messenger app gets downloaded in either an Android (version 2.7.7532) or an iOS (version 2.6.10) smartphone.

Recently Facebook users are being frequented by a message that pops-up stating “Sorry! The Application Messenger (process com.facebook.orca) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” Since pname com facebook Orca is not a malware or virus but a useful application and can help retrieve the deleted or older information in the system, it needs to be handled correctly.


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