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Why I Keep Playing MapleStory on 4ms2

Hey guys, welcome to maplestory2 - the homeland of Maplestory Mesos players. I really wish to understand why would you keep enjoying MapleStory game? By a twist of fate?

Well, just watch each game in the market and you'll find one thing that they all have in common. They became easy and easyier. When I played maplestory I was 13 years old(im currently 25) and in the time, I could actually afford playing hours and hours and take some time to find folks to play with. Presently a day? Not too much.

As far I know you still need a group of individuals to perform the latest content? Sound great enough, old content alway end up easy to farm mesos someday.

Most supervisor weren't accessible to the common of deadly from the first days of walnut. It was rather stupid at time how much time one had to invest.

When NLC got released, I was not playing anymore sooo yeah. I remember when they announced Aran and I had been sitting in the front of my PC for hours just to create my personality and head to it. It was really a fun class(not sure now a day how it look like, because I did not play Aran for 2 years lol)

Then the game turned into more casual and they began to sell maplestory 2 mesos that gave enormous benefit. I guess there wasn't much anybody starting the game anymore and they needed a way to bring people back.

So yeah, the ancient days were awesome. But im pretty certain if they made it like it was back then. The game would be already dead. The narrative telling never been all that amazing.

I have enjoyed a lot of fun and had great cheapest Maplestory 2 Mesos memories in previous years, I think I will keep playing MapelStory at the upcoming several years, then I will play with it with my son, even my grandson, in a word, I will not abandon MapleStory, adore forever.

Do you think there should be some more modifications with it? I really hate the double standard in Dream Defender, which has not been adjusted yet!

It goes to prove that boring Nexon has yet again only taken half of the action of only closing the loophole. Sure maybe the rankings were reset but people got far more Symbols than they ought to have and none of them were penalized or stripped of the abused rewards. A event previously Hunters Club with boundless quests that hasn't made a recurrence had no punishment.

Yet action was taken onto illegitimate items exceptionally late that should of been done earlier. This had affected the community as a whole due to that time many items had circulated on the market hidden as legitimate items.

Action taken should be consistent also on a decent amount of time. Many players have complained about hackers during several years in MapleStory and they've only grown in larger numbers. Hackers are reported by gamers too, but the actions taken are nearly non-existent. Botters that have been reported are most likely still there. And they always get maplestory 2 mesos easily, I really can't endure this, why you will find rich in game, and I am lack of mesos.
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