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Why Now Is A Fantastic Time To Return To Horizon 4

Gamescom 2018 continues to be one mad week of gambling announcements, shows, and trailers, and GamesRadar's been in the eye of this storm After Dark, our live show featuring all the information and previews you could hope for around the greatest games on the horizon.

You can observe our full conversation with Fulton in the video above, FH4 Credits stunning raw footage of Forza Horizon 4 in action, but here's a breakdown of some key points from the chat if you're in a rush.

First of all are back. These key places are a staple of this Forza Horizon series, every storing special, high class vehicles for anybody fortunate enough to find them scattered throughout the open world, and they'll be peppered around Playground Games' recreation of the UK too.

Fulton explains that some of them are tied to Forza Horizon 4 new year system, giving the example of an island in a lake that you can just reach when it is frozen over in Winter. "You will find seasonal barn findsout, so they only appear in particular season. Tons of them don't, because we don't want to gate you from doing things that you want. But we've got four seasonal barn finds, one specific to each year"

That aforementioned season mechanic, arguably the largest change as Forza Horizon 3, works as follows; every full week in the actual world translates to a single season in Forza Horizon 4, and Fulton clarifies that the changes between every season will not be slow, but will only switch every time a new week starts.

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