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Win OSRS Christmas time Tree Costume & A lot more with Event Guide 2018

The OSRS Christmas Function 2018 is finally in this article! This Christmas you will be a Santa to help Duke Horacio send presents to Hans, Count Check, Gillie Groats, Fred the Farmer, in addition to Doomsayer. Learn this guide in addition to quickly get Christmas sapling costume, Christmas crackers plus much more.

The guide of the Old-school Christmas Event 2018
1 ) Get a spade, a blade or shears, a basketball of wool, then teleport to Lumbridge and Falador.
2. Meet Duke Horacio at the first floor regarding his castle in Lumbridge.
3. Use knife to get tree branches from the arctic tree outside the castle.
four. Search for waste gem within the barrel of gems through the furnace north-east.
5. Lookup the altar in the cathedral for a star from cathedral decorations.
6. Use a soccer ball of wool to link your materials to make a Holiday tree costume.
7. Get back to the Duke, get the reward list. Ask all questions before leaving.
8. Click the listed brands to learn what to give.
nine. Get the red chair within the Duke's room for Hans.
10. Get some golden bands for Count Check through smithing apprentice.
11. Distribute words for Bob's retail outlet to get an amulet involving duplication for Gillie Groats.
12. Dig the pear tree near the castle front door for Fred the Rancher with your spade or the spade beside the tree.
13. Question Doomsayer about the event. Subsequently get a knight summoner through Party Pete in the Falador Party Room to call Nine Falador Knights in order to dance around Doomsayer.
fourteen. Wear the Christmas woods costume. Click “Give “ option when your target will get near.
15. Return to Fight it out Horacio. And the event are going to be completed.

Rewards you can get via Christmas Event
Christmas Shrub CostumeThere are two fresh added rewards - Holiday tree costume and Sweets cane - you can get apart from two partyhat sets, 2 Santa hats and 2 Christmas crackers after you total this event. The Christmas woods costume consists of Star-face, Woods top and Tree skirts. It is designed specifically for the expensive vacation event. The Candy cane can be a fun weapon that gives you negative bonuses. You can also speak with Diango to get rewards similar to Snow imp costume, Fad, etc..

Enjoy the OSRS Xmas Event 2018! And remember all of us also have activities on Cheap Rs Gold here.
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