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in the evening, you take u in the evening, you take u
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in the evening, you take u

Looking up at the window, the sun is shining, everything is dazzling like gold, it is soft light, even beautiful to sad. I think, you are like. Yes, I saw you know what beauty is. The first time I saw you on the first day after the military training, the sky was still very noisy. You walked in lightly, not in a hurry, not in a hurry, like a pleasant breeze, blowing my heart, It will be quiet at once, like your eyes, a clear and soft lake, from time to time. You started to talk, and the voice came softly, and the vines were like a swaying grass. It is not the fine voice of a woman, like a flower slowly opening, slowly flowing, they are naturally read into a poem. You introduce quietly, introduce yourself, introduce the language, introduce life, introduce life... My heart is immersed in a small world, looking at you, familiar face, familiar, I seem to have seen this place Beautiful, probably in the book. The most anticipated thing every day is the language class. Looking up to the corner of the curriculum, composition class! It is filled with joy and waiting. The favorite at that time was the composition class. I like to hear you say this: "This season is so long, it is suitable for reading poetry." Then, open the PPT and read it intoxicated Carton Of Cigarettes. At this time, there was nothing in the heart, just swimming freely, feeling like the whole body sneaked into the sea of ??the story, between the pitching breath, the water grass gently swayed, and the time was buried in the white light and shadow of the sand Newport Cigarettes Coupons. After reading a poem, I still have a lot of thoughts. How many times can I have a brilliant mood with the beautiful scenery outside the window? Fortunately, there is another one. This time, let's read for us. Maybe you made the classroom so quiet and beautiful, we read it into the poem. There is a faint smile on your face. This kind of beauty seems to be in the poem. "You are a tree and a tree, and Yan is whispering between the beams. You are love, warm, hope, you are human. Aprilday.�� Seeing your beauty, still falling in the evening, you take us to see the ultimate color before the night, it is a thrilling beauty. We are sitting in the classroom and you take us back to appreciate nature Newport 100S. So, when the cherry blossoms are opened, there will be a big, pink, and elegant in my heart. The blue sky is also spread out in front of my eyes. I will fly a bird and fly freely. There is also a green plant with green pots, and the oily ground will plant the most lush spring in the hearts of the people. Your beauty is like a delicate shell on the beach, so that I will not miss anything, but the more I cherish it, the more I know it. You walk gently as you gently come. That soft beauty is still in the heart, and the nobleness of the soul still leads me. When you see you, you know what beauty is.
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in the evening, you take u

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in the evening, you take u

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