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just inappropriate to NBA Live Coins

going to download something like Cordy. So we're seeing people are buying a wide range of games. It's not just the hardcore because also it's about user experience, right? I mean you yourself, do you play games on the phone? Yeah. So sometimes you've got time to have a longer game and then sometimes you do not. So if I take Crash Bandicoot I'm still playing that game and its like, weeks. I still haven't finished it. And sometimes it's just inappropriate to NBA Live Coins play that game because I've


got five minutes. Well sure, certainly. But what I'm asking is, does your audience look a bit different than other mobile platforms, in terms of download habits? So actually I'd say they're different in terms of their profile in age. They're kind of a younger, cooler crowd. Okay. The average smartphone purchaser is around 30, and then this is a younger crowd, they're like the leaders, the trend leaders, so you see a younger crowd. It's not skewed to FUT Coins a particular type of game I would say. The


to distribute older PlayStation 1 games on your device is interesting, considering your younger market. Since they're younger they don't necessarily have any nostalgia for the original Crash Bandicoot. So how do these older games fit into your young-skewing business model? So when we work with MLG [Major League Gaming], we go there, there's a lot of young people, they've never seen Crash Bandicoot, the Playstation 1 version. And they genuinely enjoy it. And they enjoy it


they've never played it before, so it's a new game for them so to speak, but also the difference in that game is the depth of it. It's an extensive game, so it's a really different experience for a phone. What does the cost model for the PlayStation 1 games look like versus an original mobile game? Is it significantly less of  mmogo an investment? Oh what you mean to emulate? The whole package, the emulation and licensing and certification and everything, I mean is this a business that has better margins


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