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fortnite items for sale fortnite items
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surpassing Minecraft for fortnite items

Should you speak to American adolescents frequently, as I do, then you know that the video game Fortnite is sweeping the USA. Fortnite lately had over 2.4 billion views in one month on YouTube, surpassing Minecraft for fortnite items its #1 position (link is outside) among video games. Based on Ron Wyatt, YouTube's manager of gambling, Fortnite currently holds the record for the most game-related videos uploaded in one month (link is outside).

The reaction to the Fortnite epidemic from mainstream pundits has been disappointing. Damour and other pundits have shown little awareness of studies showing that playing video games excessively undermines school performance (link is external), increases distractibility (link is outside), also erodes the parent-child relationship (link is outside). And, playing video games where the aim is to kill people - matches such as Fortnite - over time, desensitizes gamers to violence (link is external). The American Academy of Pediatrics has concluded (connection is external) that games "in which killing others is the central theme" -- a fantastic summary of Fortnite -- "aren't appropriate for children." Incidentally, "children" here means "people under 18 years old." In their latest guidelines, the Academy advised (connection is outside) which "Video games shouldn't use human or other dwelling goals or award points for killing" and parents must not allow their kids to fortnite items for sale play games that violate this guideline. In case you have not seen it, Fortnite is a sport where the object of the game is to kill other people.

If you are the parent of a child or teen, and your kid wants to join the lemmings, what should you do? You must have the courage to say: This is not a good thing. Kids will need to learn face-to-face social abilities. They will need to be physically active, preferably outside. They need to get a good night's sleep. A kid obsessed with Fortnite is less inclined to do one of these things.

fortnite items for sale

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fortnite items

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